A Summer Camp Celebrates 70 Years.

The Episcopal Conference Center Summer Camp began in northwest Rhode Island in 1949.  This 17-minute documentary premiered at their gala on June 1, 2019 to an audience of 400 people.  The reaction to this piece was wonderful, and we are more than happy to produce more like it!!

An Inspiring Organization

Learn about the Mae Organization for 

the Homeless, founded in Providence, RI by Martinha Javid.  This inspiring group continues to help countless people every day in fresh and enlightening ways.

Adventure Awaits 

We kicked off 2019 with this fun

one-minute piece we created to

promote the MUSEUM OF WORK

& CULTURE in Woonsocket, RI.

The museum is also being featured

as a special part of our

documentary SLATERSVILLE!!

See below...

A Great Pace

In 2018 we were happy to

create this commercial for PACE-RI

with Epiphony Communications.

Now airing on TV in southeastern

New England.

Inspiration & Praise

See our award winning documentary

on Amazon Prime and on DVD!!

Winner of 9 awards, RAISING MATTY CHRISTIAN profiles

the inspiring life of Matthew G. Christian of Canton, Massachusetts,

who was born without full limbs.

Learn more here

Paying It Forward

Since 2017, FUELING FIERCE: THE SHANNON HEIL STORY has made a tremendous impact.  On July 11, 2013, Shannon was killed in a tragic car accident, but it's how her family and friends responded to this tragedy that is the inspiration behind the Fierce for Shannon organization.  Our short doc has won over a half dozen awards and has been viewed thousands of times globally.  It's message is profound and unforgettable.  

We invite you to visit fierceforshannon.org to learn more and to view the film below!!